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You may contact our office to inquire about any MDOT-owned property not on our website. Our staff will research the property and determine if it is a candidate for clearance. If so, the property will be put through the clearance process and determined whether it is a candidate for sale. Please see our contacts page for contact information and our glossary page for a more detailed explanation of the clearance process.
The best way to search for properties with specific attributes is on the Search by Query page. You can search by county, parcel size, incentives, utilities, zoning, improvements, and type of property. Once your results are returned, you may view detailed property information on each of the properties that fit your criteria.
MDOT consists of several modes, including Maryland Transit Administration (MTA)Maryland Port Administration (MPA)State Highway Administration (SHA)Maryland Aviation Administration (MAA)Motor Vehicle Administration (MVA), and Maryland Transportation Authority (MdTA). Any property owned by these modes is considered to be an MDOT-owned property. MDOT-owned properties are the only properties we feature on this website.
Once a property has been cleared, an offer is made to the former owner or heirs to purchase the property for the appraised, fair market value. In some cases a negotiated sale is possible. If the former owner is not interested or cannot be located within a specific time frame, adjoining owners may bid on the property. If this method fails to make a sale, the property will be auctioned off to the highest bidder, although MDOT reserves the right to reject any and all bids. Properties that are scheduled for auction are featured on the Auction List page. All sales of MDOT-owned properties are governed by the law, namely, 8-309. Please contact our office if you would like more information.